HVAC License

HVAC technicians maintain heating, cooling and ventilation systems. They work in all types of buildings, residences, offices and factories.

U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics expects the demand for HVAC technicians to grow 14% in the next decade.

The average salary of an HVAC technician was $44,630 in 2014.

McDonald Business School prepares students for the workplace with hands-on training for a Section 608 Certification from the Environmental Protection Agency.

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Office Certifications

McDonald Business School prepares students for jobs with training in two popular software programs, leading to a certification.


In 2015, QuickBooks was used by 80% of small businesses using accounting software.

McDonald Business School offers training for a QuickBooks Certification. Certifications lead to jobs!

Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word held a 90% share of the Word Processor market in 2015.

Prepare for a Microsoft Word certification. Certifications lead to jobs!

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Do you have spare time and a desire to do something meaningful?

Are you seeking to help others explore career opportunities in the AC & Heating trade?

We are seeking certified AC & Heating professionals to join our mentoring program.

As a mentor, you will use your background, expertise and experience to teach our students the skills they need to learn a new trade.

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